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I am going to try to write here on a daily basis. You may be wondering why I am doing it. Over the weekend, I attended a wonderful conference on podcasting called Podcamp Toronto. It was about podcasting and the future of new media. I also met some really great people.

We tend to respond differently to video, audio, and text. I think a blog would be helpful. I have many ideas of what I could write about and get your feedback on. You could also suggest topics. A blog gives a chance for a conversation.

There is a deeper idea here. I think it is good to connect music with other things.

Comments are really appreciated.


  1. It is extremely important to be doing things that connect music with not just other things in life, but other media. I think that one of the amazing things about a live concert experience is that it keeps the audience involved with a large proporation of it senses, and includes them in an ongoing collective forray into to the world of the senses and the imagination. Sadly that is lost, despite the many other benefits, in the one world technology, where at best, one or two senses are engaged, and consequently, in this medium, art music often looses its relevance. Connecting it with, at least, our personal journey and thoughts helps develop our still relatively new mode of “techological” expression into a deeper realm of experience.

  2. Brenda –

    I agree with everything you are saying.

    To me there is something very special about a live performance. Something occurs between the performers and the audience. It is indeed an experience that involves many senses. I seem to always enjoy live classical music, pretty much no matter what. I find it interesting that in a live performance, we don’t seem to be looking for “everything”. We look for “something”. Sometimes just a few special moments can make an entire performance completely worthwhile.

    This area of connecting music with your personal journey and thoughts is something that I still find perplexing. I certainly don’t have most of the answers. Maybe there is something in showing that the performer is a human being.

  3. Hello again! I asked some of my students this question. They thought that the difference between live music and recorded music had to do with “perfection” vs. emotion and communicating…a very intersting juxatposition, and a telling one!

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