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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of me and Ross I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Thank you to everyone for watching Cello Journey, posting comments and sending e-mails.

The next episode should come out during the first week of January.


Upcoming Episode

In the next episode it will be me playing the Gigue from Suite No.1 by Johann Sebastian Bach. This will complete the entire suite on Cello Journey.

This week the Prelude from the first episode was used on a really wonderful and very popular video podcast called Rocketboom. You can check out the episode here:


Upcoming Episode

We are hoping to release an episode this weekend with the second half of the sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven that we started in Episode #15. Please stay tuned.

Some things have come up and the episode will be delayed by a few days. Hopefully it will be out by Friday. Thank you for waiting.

Upcoming Special Halloween Episode

Carved Pumpkin
Next week me and Ross will play a rather spooky Halloween surprise. I hope everyone watches.

Photo ©iStockphoto.com/Jim Jurica

Upcoming Episode

In the next episode I will play more solo music by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Ross is busy taking care of his new baby.  The episode should be out this Friday.

Great News!

Ross’s wife Carolyn gave birth to a baby girl!

A big congratulations to both of you!!!

Upcoming Episode

In the next episode we will play music by Ludwig van Beethoven. I am really looking forward to it. It should be out on Thursday so please stay tuned.

Upcoming Episode

Today or tomorrow I will put up the next episode. It features a certain insect with large colorful wings. Please stay tuned.

Upcoming Episode

The next episode should be out on Tuesday.  The music is named after a certain bird that likes to swim on water.  I received some requests to play it with piano.

Upcoming Episode

The next episode should be out on Sunday. I am thinking of leaving a hint about it. It contains many folk melodies. I hope everyone watches it.