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Cello Journey #23, Bach Allemande from Suite No.2

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In this episode I play another dance by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is the Allemande from Suite No.2. What I like about this piece is how it flows along and how each phrase seems connected to another phrase. I hope you enjoy it.

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Upcoming Episode

The next episode should be out Monday. It will be the Allemande from Suite No.2 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please stay tuned.

Sorry about the delay.  The episode is almost ready but I had very little time this weekend to actually put in on the internet.

One Year Anniversary of Cello Journey!

Today is the one year anniversary of Cello Journey. It was one year ago that the first episode appeared online. Since then there have been 23 episodes. Thousands of people have seen the videos. The videos have been viewed approximately 250,000 times.

The music of Cello Journey has been played on a number of other podcasts including The Daily Source Code and Rocketboom. Thank you to all podcasters who have played the music.

There has been a great deal of wonderful feedback from viewers. Thank you very much for the feedback and e-mails. I think it is thanks to this encouragement that Cello Journey continues on. I hope you had a good year and will have a good year coming up.

There are some interesting episodes we are thinking of doing in the near future that will likely include Bach, Tchaikovsky, a Brahms sonata and Schumann.

Here is to another year of Cello Journey!

Cello Journey #22, Allegro Appassionato

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In this episode we play the Allegro Appassionato by Camille Saint-Saens. This is a rather fast passionate and exciting piece. Part of its passion is in its abrupt changes of tempo and loudness. Even though it is exciting, it is in B minor and hence in a sad mode. Also many of its melodies come down rather than go up.

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Upcoming Episode

In the next episode we will play the Allegro Appassionato by Camille Saint-Saens. It should be available this weekend. There were many requests for this and I am looking forward to playing it. It has some nice melodies and rhythms. Please stay tuned.

The one year anniversary of Cello Journey is coming up on March 27. Thank you to everyone for watching, leaving comments, sending e-mails and your overall support.

Cello Journey #21, Bach Prelude from Suite No.2

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This prelude is the introduction to Suite No.2 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Even though this prelude is a bit sombre, I think it has a special warm mood to it. It communicates something about life being confusing at times and how it can be difficult to make sense of things. I think this piece is about trying to make sense of things and putting them together. I hope you enjoy it.

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Upcoming Episode

This weekend there should be a new episode of Bach. It is the Prelude from the Second Suite. It is in a minor key and is a bit sombre but I think it has a really special mood to it.
I’ve been working on a Cello Journey DVD. It is coming along well and will be available in a few weeks.

Slight delay with the episode. I ran into some computer issues. It should be out this weekend.

Cello Journey #20, Jan. 9, 2007, Faure Apres un Reve

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The music for this episode is the chanson or song by Gabriel Faure called Apres un Reve (After a Dream). At the time Faure wrote this he was having a difficult time in his life. A woman that he loved broke off an engagement to him. Gabriel was very disappointed, gloomy and sad. He wrote a number of pieces that reflect this mood.

The poem that this piece is based on describes a dream with visions of heaven, being with one’s true love, and happiness. At some point though the singer sings that he wishes the dream would return. Perhaps you have some dream that you wish would return to you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Dans un sommeil que charmait ton image
Je revais le bonheur, ardent message;
Tes yeux etaient plus doux, ta voix pure et sonore
Tu rayonnais comme un ciel eclaire par l’aurore;
Tu m’appelais, et je quittais la terre
Pour m’enfuir avec toi vers la lumiere;
Les cieux pour nous entr’ouvraient leurs nues;
Splendeurs inconnues, lueurs divines entrevues…
Helas, helas, triste reveil des songes !
Je t’apelle, o nuit, rends-moi tes mensonges;
Reviens, reviens radieuse
Reviens, o nuit mysterieuse

English Translation: (This is a rough translation with the help of an online translator)
In a sleep which your image charmed
I dreamed happiness, ardent mirage;
Your eyes are softer, your voice pure and clear
You radiated like a sky brightened by the dawn;
You called me, and I left the ground
to flee with you towards the light;
The skies between us opened their clouds;
Unknown splendours, divine gleams…
Alas, alas, sad awakening from dreams!
I call you, O night, return to me your illusions;
Return, return radiance
Return, O night mysterious!

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of me and Ross I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Thank you to everyone for watching Cello Journey, posting comments and sending e-mails.

The next episode should come out during the first week of January.


Cello Journey #19, Dec. 12, 2006, Bach Gigue

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In this episode I play the Gigue from the first suite by Johann Sebastian Bach.  It is a lively dance that ends the suite and also completes the suite on Cello Journey.  I hope you enjoy it.

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