Mozart and Blogging

Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a blogger?

Ok, obviously not.

But composers like Mozart did write many letters. In those days this was the usual way to communicate over distances. You can actually read some of them at Project Gutenberg. I just thought it was interesting how Mozart regularly wrote music and also wrote words.

One thing I found fun is how Mozart mentions how pleased he was when someone “recognized him right away.” These were the days before drivers licenses and television.


  1. Luke I think you touched on very thought provoking idea there. It got me thinking that maybe Mozart could pleasing music so easily, is becuase of the lack of technology during his lifetime.

    Today, the majority of our writing seems to not actually be written, but rather typed. Maybe the act of writing, and getting used to transferring thoughts into words on paper helped Mozart in transferring his musical thoughts to staff paper. My English teacher encourages my classmates and I to keep a written journal to practice that transferrence.

    I also find that I make fewer mistakes, and concentrate on what I am doing more when I write rather than type.

    So perhaps not only his obvious genius, but also his CONSTANT writing had a correlation to his music and composition.

  2. Another interesting idea from this topic is the thought of our history and culture. Mozart and others from his time period left behind all of the letters, but all of the information about ourselves we leave behind in password secure emails that are often very sloppy in structure. While the lives of the history makers may be passed on in biographies detailing their lives, it wouldn’t be the same as having a letter they wrote. All of our thoughts have lost emotion on paper, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal but it’s a good example of how the world has changed.

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