Starting a Regular Blog

So far on Cello Journey I stick to posting news and episodes on the main page. I thought of having a separate Blog tab (up at the top) where I will post more regularly. Sometimes a few weeks goes by between episodes and I would like to communicate better with everyone.

A new episode is in the works. It the Tarantella by Squire. We will try to record it next week. I used to play this piece quite a bit when I was first starting the cello. It has great melodies, double-stops, and a good overall feel. It is very rewarding to play when you are learning the cello because it sounds so good.


  1. A blog is a great idea!

    I completely agree with your comment on how rewarding it is. I finished playing this about a year ago, and it sounds very mature and exciting for relatively easy (but not to say it isn’t tricky!) piece. I cannot wait for your interpretation!

  2. Thanks you so much for doing this. I can’t dream of a better way to self-study the Cello. Your playing has been an inspiration.

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