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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! I hope you get to spend time with family and have a bit of a break. May all your wishes come true. See you in January.



  1. Happy holidays Luke! I cannot wait for the Haydn video. It sounds very interesting and fun as you said. For Christmas my sister and aunt each gave me a Jacqueline du Pre album! She is so amazing! I’ve already listened to all of the pieces. Haydn C Major, Haydn D Major, Boccherini in B-Flat, Schumann in A minor, Saint-Saens in A Minor, Dvorak, and of course the Elgar in E Minor on four cd’s already on my iPod (along with many episodes of Cello Journey!). I’m just in an Elgar madness right now! I cannot stop listening to the elegaic melodies of the 1st and last movements. I would love to read what you have to say about her and the Elgar Concerto. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah and Happy New Year!

  2. Patrick – I used to listen to Elgar a lot too. I really like Jacqueline du Pre. I find her playing somehow human, warm, and approachable.

    James – The next episode is a bit delayed. We were going to record it at this church but there was rain hitting the roof and it was too noticeable. We had to postpone it.


  3. Hey Luke,

    Hope your holidays were enjoyable and i cant wait for the next video… I was wondering if you could help me. I downloaded the Kol Nidrei pod cast on iTunes and it seems to have some issues playing. It stops about 20 seconds into it. That episode was so amazing.

    thanks and keep it up!


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