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Cello Journey #27, Kol Nidrei

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In this episode we play the Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch. This piece is based on a Jewish prayer recited in the synagogue at the beginning of the evening service on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. You can find out more information at the following link:


  1. Wow! Fantastic piece, played by both of you with enormous empathy and skill. Thank you for introducing the piece to me – it has (possibly) supplanted the Haydn concerto as my fav piece. Truely amazing and incredibly moving. You’ll have everyone reaching for the tissues – I know I did. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for playing this piece! I’m getting ready to play this for a concerto competition at my youth orchestra.
    It looks like you researched this piece before you played it. That’s wonderful! I’m surprised at how often my peers play pieces and they have no idea of the history or the context or sometimes even the composer.
    Your interpretation was beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for playing this piece! I’m getting ready to play this for a concerto competition at my youth orchestra.

    It looks like you researched this piece before you played it. That’s wonderful! I’m surprised at how often my peers play pieces and they have no idea of the history or the context or sometimes even the composer.

    Your interpretation was beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for playing this piece. I have always loved it and am now preparing it for college audition. It is great to not only hear, but also to see someone else’s take on it.

  5. that was so incredibly lovely!
    thank you so much for this wonderful performance! this piece has now definitely reached my top five!
    Im looking forward to the next!

  6. Thanks for playing! I’m currently working on Kol Nidrei, so it’s nice to see a diff. take on it. You interpretation is wonderfully expressive, however, a little sharper than I’m used. Gorgeoud all the same though!

  7. thank you so much for playing. it is such a wonderful pleasure watching you two playing. your music has moves me to tears. wonderful!

  8. Dear,

    Altought sometimes I do prefer a very different timing and speed, your recent played pieces achieve an impressive resolution of detail, a very new great vibrato and a decise interpretation of the pieces you’re choosing, you’re moving faster and seems to be light years ago your first Bach movement of cello’s suite.. You’re becoming to be a very “great” cello player, hopefully your career as a professional has already begun, if not do it asap, don’t leave the chance to someone else..and bring your musicality with you.. I’m now a great fan you.

  9. Hello again! Well, I was listening to this the other day while doing homework and I had to put my pencil down and just listen for a moment at my favorite part (4:00-5:30). Yours and Ross’ performance is absolutely golden. I have never cryed due to a piece, but this recording brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

  10. Hello again!

    I have always loved this piece, it is just so expressive and often moves me very much. I really do love the rendition that you both have made, it really did remind me why I play cello, so I can strive to sound the way you do.

    Lots of love from Australia!


  11. That was great. I was silent for minutes after you played it and I was inspired to pull this piece out. I was wondering if you would do the Schubert Arppegione Sonata, it is a great piece and I think you could perform it very well. I recently heard it at a Yo-Yo Ma concert an it was one of my favorite pieces he performed.

  12. Geeksluvpi – Thanks. I really like the Arpeggione Sonata. It is a great piece. I think at some point we will play it.


  13. Hi Luke, I really enjoyed this episode. Your best yet without a doubt. I have a ideas about some future episodes if that is alright. Maybe the Squire Tarantella (in fact, that was my audition piece in the beginning of the year). The Suite Francais by Paul Bazelaire is very nice and I think you and Ross would be outstanding if you performed it. You havn’t done any Popper in a while! Perhaps his Serenade?
    Oh well, just some ideas to mull over.
    Hello from California!

    PS: I thought the more formal attire was very nice with this piece.

  14. Gabe – The Squire Tarantella is a great piece and we will definitely do it some time, hopefully soon. Thanks for letting me know about this Suite. I will definitely listen to it. I miss doing Popper. I was thinking of doing the other Gavotte. It is a very nice piece.


  15. Vanessa – Thanks. The next episode will be the first movement of the Haydn C cello concerto. We are thinking of playing it with organ since it sounds more like an orchestra.


  16. I have to say that accidentally running across this website after so many years of neglecting my Cello, you have inspired me to rediscover my love for the beauty of the Cello. It is 14 years since I last played Kol Nidrei and the magic is still there, what a wonderful piece of music.

    What I find amazing is that my own particular favourites I played are all on here, and they make me appreciate what a beautiful sound I once made.

    I have ordered for myself once more the sheet Music for “Kol Nidrei”, Faure’s “Elegie and Apres Un Reve”, Saint-Saen’s “The Swan” and “Allegro Appasionata” among others, and am going to try and learn Bach’s Suite No.1. Thankyou so much for rekindling a hidden talent and love.

  17. What you people have put together here is absolutely beautiful. Thank you both.
    Would you play the ELEGY from Jules Massenet?

  18. Alan – Thank you. That is great to hear that you are returning to the cello. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it.

    Peter – Thank you for mentioning this Elegy by Massenet. I listened to it. It is an excellent piece. I think it is worth playing. Hopefully at some point we will play it.


  19. Thanks for the reply, got the music through this weekend, and yes, with a little bit of practise I will still be able to play the aforementioned pieces!!!!!!!

    Have you ever played Bloch’s “Prayer?” Another superb, favourite piece from my past!And one I would love to hear played to perfection.

  20. Alan – Great to hear that things are going well with your cello! I like the Bloch “Prayer”. I also like the “Schelomo”.


  21. Hey Luke, I hope you don’t mind my asking, but when you will the video of the Haydn first movement be up? And how will you get an organ?!

    Happy Cello PLaying!

  22. Joyce – Thanks for your interest. We are planning on recording it on December 23rd, right before Christmas. It should be out over the holidays. Luckily we have access to an organ. It should be an interesting and fun episode.


  23. Hi Luke!

    Just wondering who composed this song and i think i have heard this song before, except i don’t know where. Im wondering if you could play Happy Recollections by Popper or Vivaldi Sonata No. 5.



  24. Samuel – Thanks for writing. This piece is written by Max Bruch. Thanks for your requests. I don’t know either of these and I will check them out. Hopefully at some point we can play them.


  25. Oh, the episode “In Memory” is “Happy Recollections.” Since the original title is in German there are a few different English translations. I think it has also been called “Fond Recollections.” I really like it.

  26. Thank you for doing the Haydn C major! I am playing that piece for my Youth Symphonies Concerto Competition, I will also be doing it for our solo and ensemble. I look forward to hearing your interpretation.

  27. Luke,

    Happy New Year from your neighbor across the street, but sending from Grand Cayman! I just introduced my granddaughter here to your wonderful music. We just listened to #27 (last one on your website and Utube). I see you got your CD (DVD?) out before Christmas and will have to get if from you when we get home in a few days. Also will look for your latest one you said would be done Dec 23.

    Have a great 2008! God bless


  28. Hi again Luke, Just for another request, can you play the Elgar Concerto in E Minor? I am doing it for my Grade 8 exam and im wondering how it should sound from a professional like you.



  29. Hi! I’ m an Italian joung cellist.. I go to a Music Accademy in the north of Italy, near Venice… This year I’ m having a exam, the 5 year one…Can you play the Marcello Sonata in g minor please?? I have to play it…

  30. Anna – Thanks for the music request. I will try to look at the music. I know I once played a Marcello sonata.

    Samuel – I really like the Elgar. I am hoping we can play it at some point.

    Good luck to both of you on your exams.


  31. WOW! I am a HS student who studies cello in America and hopes to major in cello performance in college. My school gives a concerto concert every year and I was searching for one that I could perform and enjoy! By watching your videos I can see you fingering, your bow hold and your sitting position. I also experience each piece so that I can see first hand what each is like. Cellojourney is amazing! You’ve taught me so much about musical phrasing and interpretation and have exposed me to the music of Faure and your latest, Kol Nidrei by M.Bruch. Thank-you.

  32. Enjoy this very much!! Came across the series on youtube and subscribed to the podcast, still watch your interpretations all the time! I kapt coming back to your ideas for Saint-Saens “Allegro Appassionato,” now working on Kol Nidre and am again referring to your website! Keep up the great work!!

  33. Thanks guys for a wonderful performance. Keep up the good works! I enjoy this series for the same reasons as other serious students, as I am making an attempt to play this on double bass.

    My suggestion is at one point you may want to record the Adagio on Celtic themes Op.56. It is along the same lines as Kol N., but it is much harder to find a decent recording for cello & piano, let alone video. You’d be doing the rest of us a great service. Cheers from New Zealand,


  34. Robert – I haven’t heard this Adagio on Celtic Themes. It sounds like a neat piece. I will check it out.


  35. I have been watching your episodes for a year now and to tell you the truth, you are the one how got me interested in the cello. I myself have been also playing for a year and i love it like my life. I just wanted to thank you for you beautiful work and wish you and your pianist the best of luck!!!! keep up the work!!!

  36. Hey, so I’ve been playing the cello for almost a year now and I love it so much. And for my 19th birthday my father had bought me my very own cello. I wish I could show you. Anyways, when are you going to make a new episode? i’ve been dying to hear something fresh and new. Something i have never heard of.
    : )

  37. That is absolutely wonderful. I have that piece in a book. I think I will start working on it. Thanks for your insptration. These sessions really help to know what a piece is supposed to sound like.

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