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Cello Journey #25, Beethoven Variations

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In this episode we play the variations by Ludwig van Beethoven on a theme by Mozart, “Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen”. This is based on a theme from the opera The Magic Flute originally sung by a soprano and a baritone in a duet. Musicians in Beethoven’s time were very adept at playing and improvising variations. They could even improvise on a melody or favorite tune given to them by a member of the audience. Beethoven wrote many variations for piano solo and many variations for cello and piano. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. Bravi, Luke and Ross. As always, you make the difficult look easy and you carry it off with élan.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Wow, another great performance! The Cello complemented this piece perfectly! I am very fond of Beethoven’s expressive piano pieces and I enjoyed this performance very much, thank you!

  3. Luke and Ross, that was marvelous! I especially liked how big a part the piano was, and the interplay between cello and piano.

  4. Thank you for doing this piece! I’ve been working on it and you video has really helped! I was wondering if maybe you could do the Myaskovsky Sonata in D major?

  5. Noah – Very neat that you are also playing this. I don’t know of a Myaskovsky Sonata. Thanks for letting me know about it. I am always interested in new repertoire.


  6. You are a great cellist, I began playing cello but the bridge broke a couple weeks ago. I play violin, viola, piano but I will learn how to play the ukulele on my own in the beginning of November. I might learn how to play the flute on my own after christmas.

  7. This was great as always. You play such helpful pieces. seeing a cellist play is much better than just listening to the recording. But I was wondering if you took requests? the Goltermann Cello Concerto no.4 by any chance? that would be awesome!


  8. Nice playing Luke. You display a rich warm sound in the lower register that is probably one of your best assets. I don´t agree with you in some tempo issues, but I can tell you know the piece well. You play it from memory. Good work.

  9. Nice playing! This is one of my favorite operas. I tryed to sing opera since 2005 but, it was not easy because you have to use different languages. I play the cello but I did not play that piece yet. Keep up the good work!

  10. Grace – You can order it at a place like sheetmusicplus.com You can also go to a local music store and (if they don’t have it) ask them to order it.


  11. What a great Use of the internet !! You rock,

    My daugther will be starting cello and I will visit this site often. Cheers !!

  12. I love your playing….Intonation, interpretation, all memorized…transition to thumb position, technique is fabulous….I wish I knew more about you…..where did you get your training? Do you play in a symphony? If not, why not? Only problem I have is that your vibrato is too fast… and on the internet, quality of sound is lacking.

    So, I started playing 40 years ago, then took 25 years off, so started up again about 3 years ago.. I play duets with a member of the San Luis Obispo Symphony (CA), and in an amateur orchestra, but I must admit, it is difficult. I had a lovely French cello, which I purchased from my teacher in Kimberley, British Columbia in the late 70’s and sold to a member of the Calgary Symphony in the early 80’s. When I moved to California, after a number of years I purchased a German made cello at Studio City Music in Southern California.

    So, I am in admiration of your playing and wish you all the best….keep the episodes coming, as I watch each and every one of them!!!!!!!!

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