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Cello Journey #23, Bach Allemande from Suite No.2

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In this episode I play another dance by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is the Allemande from Suite No.2. What I like about this piece is how it flows along and how each phrase seems connected to another phrase. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Very enjoyable!

    I’m glad you just posted this, as I’m about to start learning to play this movement, and I appreciate the chance to get your ideas (and fingerings).

    If you get a chance, how about posting a performance of Faure’s Sicilienne for Cello and Piano, op. 78. Some may know its famous melody from its use in Faure’s Pelléas et Mélisande Suite.

    link to info:

  2. That was really good! You were right about it being connected you made it sound not too happy or too sad just right. I really like the Village Song you played a while ago. Could you send me a link for the shhet music please? I like to order from sheetmusicplus.com and they have a book that has it but I don’t know if its the right one. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  3. Your playing of the Bach Suite, No. 2 Allemande, is just wonderful. It is so clear and unaffected. This is the ideal site for students and teachers of cello. Thank you for all your great work. I wish I could buy these of DVD. I wish TV stations would publish your work.

  4. Bedrich’s (Smetana?) comment says it all. Anyone who loves Cello Journey HAS TO watch Hungarian Rhapsody. My absolute favorite. By the way, Luke, you consistently have the best recordings of any on You Tube. I love your rendition of Allegro Appassionato (Don’t you hate it when it is called Allegro “Appassionata?) much more than Pierre Fournier’s. Any time I hear a song, or see live in person a work you have performed I always compare it to yours, and yours always comes out on top. And if piano is featued with cello, no one can beat Ross. Does he do virtuoso work aside from Cello Journey?

  5. Oh, Luke, that was a priceless experience. Thank you so much for this service to the world. With everything negative, it is a pleasure to escape to the beautiful soundscapes of any instrument. Thank You.

  6. Luke, I just finished learning a Paganini Caprice on violin. How about you do No. 24 on cello? Are you up to the challenge? I’m sure you could definetely master it (if you haven’t already) with all your credentials and experience!

  7. Spot on as usual!! It makes my day when there’s a new episode of cello journey. I didnt think you could beat last month but … wrong again!! Terrific stuff. Thanks Luke.

    I also loved your heartfelt tribute to Rostropovitch – hearing him play inspired me to lug around a great big cello for the rest of my life rather than choosing the piccolo (or something equally portable) – thanks Mitislav!! A great man.

  8. Thank you for all the great comments.

    Zara, thank you. Rostropovich was really something special. I think he inspired many of us to play cello.

  9. Bravo! Era dall’ultimo concerto di Pablo Casals che non sentivo suonare così bene! Mi hai davvero emozionato e ho capito molte cose che non conoscevo della musica,l’arte dell’espressione, della comunicativa, del vibrato e dello stile.
    Mi ha colpito il tuo affascinante suono e la grande sensibilità che sprigioni… soprattutto in Faurè!

    Ciao Julia

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