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Upcoming Episode

The next episode should be out Monday. It will be the Allemande from Suite No.2 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Please stay tuned.

Sorry about the delay.  The episode is almost ready but I had very little time this weekend to actually put in on the internet.


  1. Luke, it has been my experience from talking to professional cellists that they think negatively about Yo-Yo Ma. Would is your opinion about him?

  2. I think Yo-Yo Ma has overall been good for the cello. Maybe not for Yo-Yo’s competition but just the instrument. It’s good for other cellists too in that Yo-Yo boosts interest in the intrument. The allemande sounds cool. It will be something when have done all the suites!

  3. Bedrich – Sorry the episode is almost ready but I have had very little time this weekend to actually put it on the internet.

    Patrick – I am not sure I can think of one thing. Maybe to stay relaxed and positive while you are playing.

    Joyce – I think Yo-Yo Ma is a wonderful cellist. I really like his playing.

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