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One Year Anniversary of Cello Journey!

Today is the one year anniversary of Cello Journey. It was one year ago that the first episode appeared online. Since then there have been 23 episodes. Thousands of people have seen the videos. The videos have been viewed approximately 250,000 times.

The music of Cello Journey has been played on a number of other podcasts including The Daily Source Code and Rocketboom. Thank you to all podcasters who have played the music.

There has been a great deal of wonderful feedback from viewers. Thank you very much for the feedback and e-mails. I think it is thanks to this encouragement that Cello Journey continues on. I hope you had a good year and will have a good year coming up.

There are some interesting episodes we are thinking of doing in the near future that will likely include Bach, Tchaikovsky, a Brahms sonata and Schumann.

Here is to another year of Cello Journey!


  1. Bravo Luke – I have watched the progression of your work with great admiration and appreciation. In addition to your upcoming plans, might it also be possible to include non-traditional, or non-classical pieces as well? It seems to me there is a growing community of people who are embracing Celtic, alternative and new contemporary pieces for the cello. Anyway, just a thought.


  2. 🙂 It has been a great year of cello journey. Thank you a lot for all the pleasure! And best wishes for the future. I am looking forward to it.


  3. Congradulations !!!
    I wish that Cello Journey continues for a very long time !
    A little request 🙂
    Brahms sonata would be ……….

  4. One Year! This is great, you have really done an awesome of job with this podcast. Now that we are at the one year mark we can’t say the new podcast series cellojourney!

  5. Congratulatios for this interesting web page. I really apreciate the good work that Luke is doing for cello and cello students.
    Congratulatios again and many years to come!!!!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELLO JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to more fantastic video’s!!!!

  7. Félicitations ! J’adore ! J’aime beaucoup votre jeu ! … à tous les deux !!! Je me demande que vous êtes Luke et Ross . ontinuez j’apprends beaucoup. Je joue depuis 6 ans mais une carrière ne me guette pas (j’appartiens au groupe des 50 – 60 ans). Merci

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