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Upcoming Episode

In the next episode we will play the Allegro Appassionato by Camille Saint-Saens. It should be available this weekend. There were many requests for this and I am looking forward to playing it. It has some nice melodies and rhythms. Please stay tuned.

The one year anniversary of Cello Journey is coming up on March 27. Thank you to everyone for watching, leaving comments, sending e-mails and your overall support.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Can’t wait for the Saint-Saens. I do have a request however… Could you cover Rachmaninov’s Violoncello & Piano Sonata, Op.19 3rd Movement (Andante), sometime in the future? It would be great to hear it.

    All the best!

  2. Congratulations!

    I’ll hope you will play a lot of beautiful cello music! I also have a reguest:
    Robert Schumann part 2 from Fünf Stücke Im Volkston, Op. 102: Langsam.

    all the best and I’am looking forward to see and hear you playing!!

  3. Congratulations, Luke, on your one year anniversary! (Early, I know… I won’t get a chance to post the 27th)

    Oh and I absolutely adore that piece! It’s sooooo sooooooooo pretty!!!


    Oh! I get to tour Juilliard Friday!!! 🙂 I will never make it there, but it might inspire me… We’ll see.

  4. Peter – The Rachamaninov is a beautiful piece, especially that movement. It is one of my favorites. Hopefully one day we will play it.

    Erik – The Funf Stucke Im Volkston are also great. I really like them. We will try to play them some time.

    Madeline – Have fun in New York City. It is such a fun place to be.

    We recorded the episode and it should be available tomorrow (Saturday).


  5. This has become one of my favourite sites! I am new to the cello, after having played piano for many years, I started learning cello 5 months ago and I’m lucky enough to have progressed rather quickly…And I wanted to tell you how inspiring your site is!

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