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Cello Journey #21, Bach Prelude from Suite No.2

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This prelude is the introduction to Suite No.2 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Even though this prelude is a bit sombre, I think it has a special warm mood to it. It communicates something about life being confusing at times and how it can be difficult to make sense of things. I think this piece is about trying to make sense of things and putting them together. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Bravo Luke! I love this piece and am working on it myself. But it will be awhile before I’ll play it as well as you. I really liked the concluding double stops!

  2. This piece pretty much summarizes how I feel right now. I am in yet another cello slump and about to quit, but I will continue to watch of course!

    Loverly job,

  3. I have some thoughts on cello slumps.
    1. It might be good not to compare yourself to how others play. For example me, I’ve been playing for a very long time and I too get into slumps occasionally. I sometimes don’t like the way I sound or something is not working. I am still learning all the time.

    2. This may be a silly analogy but cello playing is like one slice of a pizza. There are lots of other slices like family, friendship, work, fun etc. I find that if cello is not going too well I focus on other things and try to make those better.

    Hopefully that makes sense.


  4. Antonio: I’ve been playing for… Um… 4 years. Right now I am slowly working through my fifth year.

    Luke: Ha! I love that analogy! Thanks for the advice. I think other things are affecting my cello playing. I’ve been told that I should separate my cello playing from the rest of my life, but that doesn’t make sense, because 95% of the time what is going on outside of my musical bubble is what is making me better inside the bubble. 🙂 Right now, I am a victim of that other 5%’s wrath. Stress in school is making me bomb private lessons, and not want to practice… (GASP! Not want to practice!!!)

    Anyway, if you have anything else to say about this, feel free to post on my cello blog!


  5. thank you very much for this music I LOVE IT i play cello for 2years now but i have proplem whith my hand it alwys huerts me whin i play cello give me a solution pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas

  6. That is a very common problem. And usually can be traced back to wrong posture and arm positions. Especially beginners become cramped very easily ( actually not always only beginners, though 😉 ). You have a teacher, I suppose. And he should be the one who can figure out best why you have that problems.

  7. Antonio – That is some very good advice.

    abdalla – One thing I find is that it is important to really hold the bow comfortably. Your thumb should be relaxed and all your fingers relaxed. This will help relax your arm.

    Madeline – I left a comment on your blog.  I hope things get better for you!

  8. I discovered your music on you tube. What a great idea!! I have been playing mandolin and guitar for 20 years, but since both my daughters have been playing violin seriously now for 4 years I decided to start the cello. One is ranked in the top 7% internationally. She is getting better and better each day. The other started at age 4 and is progressing fast. I have been playing the cello now for 3 months and its going great. My teacher is fantastic and she is very precise about my posture, intonation, and bowing. So far its going great and I am starting on an Alwin Schroeder workbook and Bach suites. Any advise for me? Thanks so much for your musical inspiratations.

  9. Greg – It is great that you have such a musical family! My advice would be to enjoy it, be patient and improve bit by bit. Your previous instrument experience will really help.

  10. Very nice. I wasn’t so sure whether or not I liked it at first, but generally I liked it. I’m playing this right now, and I love it, but it’s hard to learn the musicality and double stops. I find it mysterious and thought-povoking, by mum claims it’s melancholic.

    Greg-That’s great that you started cello:D but I would suggest Seveck or Popper etudes of Shroeder-they’re not as icky. In fact the Seveck and Popper are actually quite nice.

  11. Hello Luke,
    I just came across your site. Fantastic! I am only playing a couple years. I played a little in 6th grade. I am now 40. Would love to ask you a few questions if you have time. Congrats on a great site! SHAR should advertise on your site. This is a really quality idea.
    John D

  12. I love the way you played Elegy, it was beuatiful and almost made me cry. It reflected how I’m feeling right now. i hope one day that i will be able to play that song.

    Wonderful job!

  13. Friend I study cello and sa I studied metodo to dontezauer and suzuki I, II, III and would like to know with vc that he has expericência which would be mine proximo step.
    therefore where I live it does not have more professor of cello then I am trying to study alone

    Ass: Dkaio

  14. nice one. I’m playing this for my music college auditions in the winter, really dark piece, and quite difficult to get perfectly in tune =)

  15. Tradge – Good to hear from you. I hope your auditions go great. I agree that the mood in this one is really interesting.


  16. Well done! The thing I love about the Bach cello suites is that they sound as though they were simply plucked from nature and have always existed. Like listening to the wind rustling through the trees.

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