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Upcoming Episode

This weekend there should be a new episode of Bach. It is the Prelude from the Second Suite. It is in a minor key and is a bit sombre but I think it has a really special mood to it.
I’ve been working on a Cello Journey DVD. It is coming along well and will be available in a few weeks.

Slight delay with the episode. I ran into some computer issues. It should be out this weekend.


  1. Hi!

    I’m glad to hear about your plans to make a dvd — I assume of the segments you’ve made already.

    I’ve really enjoyed your playing and your whole attitude towards music and playing. I certainly wish I could relax in my playing as well as you seem to.

    Have you ever heard the cello and piano sonatas by Hubert Parry, Alberic Magnard or Ginastera? If not, and if you have the time, maybe you could look into them. A movement from one of them would be really nice.

    Dennis Brain

  2. More Bach? Hurray! I’ve been playing the Second Prelude a lot and I can’t wait to hear your interpretation of it! A Cello Journey DVD sounds very interesting as well.

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