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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of me and Ross I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Thank you to everyone for watching Cello Journey, posting comments and sending e-mails.

The next episode should come out during the first week of January.



  1. Hi !

    Your website is so great !
    I’ve been playing piano a little bit by myself for two years (having one at home ; I’m still a student).
    But I felt it was time to learn seriously, with a teacher.

    Of course, I first thought of learning to play the piano.
    But then I remembered the sound of a CELLO. I found your site, and I fell in love.

    I intend to begin playing the cello on the next academic year, at the music school.

    Your videos really decided me ! It’s a damn good idea !

    Sorry for my mistakes in English, I don’t practice it so much.

    Oh, and Happy Christmas to the both of you !


  2. For some reason I don’t seem to be able to post a comment on any other cello blogs, so may I wish you and everyone else a happy and healthy 2007, especially to you, Luke, but also Pink Fluffy Slippers, Guanaco, and Erin. You all have great Blogs and you have all helped me a lot in encouraging me on with my cello playing.

  3. Happy New Year for everybody on the blog here!
    I feel very akin to Francois comment. With me it was alike: first I playd the piano for years when I was young (16) Then later when I got children it was hard to really keep on going and I forgot to play BACH wich was allways the biggest inspiration to me. Then I got an electric piano wich I could not really relate to and I kept longing for music .Then one day by accident I came upon a book about Jacqueline Du Pre and started to listen to her music and then (I also had a little wink to Lute playing) I fell in love with the cello and that is really great . I have my cello teacher just around the corner wich is great because I don’t own a car . He is a really good teacher . I don’t understand why I started so late with it but music of the violin family is sort of expected to be diffiult , the instument playing I mean because of no frets. But because I could not afford to buy a lute I bought an Ud (arabic Lute ) on the web and learned that it is not too hard to pay without frets The Cello is such an emotional instrument, like the human voice. I am very very happy about my choise!
    thanks for your great site Luke

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