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Cello Journey #19, Dec. 12, 2006, Bach Gigue

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In this episode I play the Gigue from the first suite by Johann Sebastian Bach.  It is a lively dance that ends the suite and also completes the suite on Cello Journey.  I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Yes, completed. Thank you very much Luke. I really like this Gigue, since I prefer to play it when I haven’t that much time for cello playing.


  2. Thank you so much for putting this on the web. I’ve only just discovered your site. My son is learning the cello and I once played it as well. I’m looking forward to showing him your performances.

    Let me also add my request to others that you perform Squire’s Tarantella. It’s a great piece for the intermediate student and I’d like my boy to see what’s ahead for him. Whatever else, please keep playing.

  3. hi Luke,
    I like Bach’s music a lot . My cello teaher says it is the most beautifull we have in cellomusic . I only started to learn the cello a couple of month’s ago and I am allready 49,shall I ever play Bach. Who knows? You play it beautifull ! I find this a great site I wish you put more often pieces on.
    In Holland a lot of people play the cello. it is a greatly loved instument
    We even had a cello Biennale in Amsterdam in december
    Thanks fot your music

  4. hi!
    thankyou for your offering ~
    i really enjoyed to listen to them.

    And i’m also wondering whether you have recorded
    GIGUE from Bach’s Second Suite !?

  5. Hi!
    I’m spanish and I play the cello too but you are much better than I haha…
    I’m 15 years and i Love play the cello.
    You are very good =D
    I love bach music.!
    I looking for a piece: Sonata In F major of J.B. Brèval
    if you can help me please write me.
    ThankS and congratulation for this!

  6. Lucia – Nice to hear that you also play the cello. Thanks for the request. I keep a list of requests and hopefully we can play it some time.


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