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Cello Journey #18, November 21, 2006, Beethoven Sonata Part 2

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In this episode we play the 2nd half of Sonata No.4 by Ludwig van Beethoven that we started in an earlier episode. There is much care and detail that Beethoven put into this piece. There are tempo changes, accented notes and complex rhythms. The music gets suddenly louder or softer.

This music is characteristic of Beethoven’s later period where he combined a lot of structures and changed things around. The movement starts with a slow section that is almost timeless in nature. You can hear a quote of the theme from the first movement. Later begins a faster more energetic section. There are a lot of interruptions but eventually the music drives towards the end. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. Wow, I just spotted your website by total fluke and I am so happy to see someone with your talent sharing it with others so freely. I am a beginner cellist and I really appreciate it, alot. I am having a lot of difficulty with theory in particular as I am just beginning to grasp the acoustic concept of having to find all the notes. I wonder if I could suggest that you have a ‘how to’ portion to your show which highlights major things to know for beginners and or experienced cellists, with close ups on the fingerboard.
    you and your pianist are a great team. Please do keep on playing.

  2. Hi Luke!
    We are great fans of your podcasts, and look forward to them each time. I play the cello, and my sister Tiffany plays the piano. Your interpretations and duets with Ross truly inspired us to do the same! Keep up the good work!

    -Christina and Tiffany

    P.S. It would be nice if you could play Saint-Saens’s Allegro Appassionato. My sister and I have been working on it, and it would be marvelous to hear your version of it! Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Luke and Ross,

    this was a tough piece to get through but well done. It is nice to read that Christina and Tiffany have been inspired by your work. That’s what music is about.
    I am still appreciating your work very much.


  4. Emilia – We might do something like that in the future. It sounds interesting. I hope your cello playing is going well.

    Christina and Tiffany – Great that you can play cello and piano together at home! A few people requested the Saint-Saens. We will try to do that some time.

    Antonio – Thanks for all your comments.


  5. PinkFluffySlippers – Thank you. I really like the picture you have on your blog. It is neat how those nice vazes are both next to the picture and in the picture.


  6. Your performances are so inspiring – thank you. I am a year old beginner cellist of 61 and am having the time of my life! I know I’ll never be Tortellier, but hey Iam me and that’s good enough, when I can listen to you and others on the Internet and observe your technique. Thanks again!

  7. I stumbled on your website looking for a copy of the Hungarian Rhapsody – you’ve played some really good stuff here! I love the clarity and tone of your cello. I’ve played cello for 13 years and your music is brining me back to all these songs I’ve played at one time or another (you’re much better, of course).
    Most of all, I’m glad you’re sharing this music with people who don’t get exposure to this kind of stuff.

    If it’s not too daunting – could you play the Elgar Concerto, if only the first movement? God I love that piece – and if you have any cello buddies the Vivaldi doubles. PLEASE?

  8. I love the Beethoven Cello Sonatas! Have you considered playing number 3? It is by far my favorite because of the wonderful interplay of themes between instruments. Nice work!

  9. I am a cellist 66 years old but in my life I made other activities ( I was a phisicist). My teacher was Max Cassoli, the first cellist of Solisti Veneti, but he died last year after three years of weekly lessons with me. Now I am studing alone and it is for me very useful to see a real cellist as you are:thank you for your “lessons”!.
    I do appreciate the quality of sound of your videos because piano and cello are very proportionated in sound. Thank you again.
    Now I am struggling with the VI Suite of Bach, particularly with the allemande. I would like to see you playing it.

  10. Renzo – I am sad to hear about your teacher passing away. Great that you are continuing with the cello. I am glad you like watching Cello Journey. The Suite No.6 is quite difficult. I wish I had a cello with an E string. I think it makes it a lot easier. Hopefully that Suite will be on Cello Journey some time.


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