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Cello Journey #17, Halloween Episode, Popper Gnomentanz

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #17, October 27, 2006

This is a special Halloween episode of Cello Journey. Me and Ross play the Gnomentanz (Dance of The Gnomes) by David Popper. It is a somewhat menacing and spooky piece with a happy major section in the middle. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Um, the video isn’t up. The only thing I can see is what you posted. I’m sure its great though. 😉 Hehe I see that you chose to dress up. I can’t wait until the video works. 😀

  2. hi, grat job! realy!

    What about the “Kol nidrei” from Max Bruch (op.47)- would you be able to upload this?

    greetz from Germany

  3. That was great Luke and Ross. It was so funny to watch you playing in this disguise ^_^ … Thank you a lot. And I hope you’ll have a very happy Halloween, too.

    best wishes


  4. We had fun making this episode.

    There have been a couple of requests for Kol Nidrei. We will play it some time in the future.

  5. Well I just got done watching every one of your videos in row from one to 17 and I just have to say wow. I am very moved by these. I used to play the violin a while back but I moved and the school I went to did not have orchestra thus I picked up the Baritone. I enjoy playing it because it is like the cello of the band. not quite low but not high either. Allows for some very beautifull pieces if played right.

    Please keep up the excellent work. I can’t wait for your next piece. I am now tempted to try tp pick up the violin again or possibly learn the cello which may be a little harder concidering i can only read trebble clef not bass. Anyways I love your music and can’t wait for the next one.

  6. That was cool. You don’t hear enough of the evil music!!! 🙂 I have a request for one of the best Bach suitez in my opinion……. PRELUDE TO SUITE NO. 6!!!! If any of you know what I’m talking about then you should know how difficult it can be…

  7. I am looking for this music for my students. I cannot seem to find several of the popper tunes.
    Gnomentanz or the other I would really like to get would be the “once upon more beautiful times”. Is there a publisher or opus # I could use to locate them? Or are they permanently out of print.
    By the way- I love your website and I am slightly ashamed to admit, I stayed up VERY late last night after finding it, to listen to every single installment at least 1 time. Thanks for the great recordings,

  8. Curtis – For the Gnomentanz. I think there are two editions. One is called Popular Concert Pieces, Volume 1 and Volume 2. I think the Gnomentanz might be in Volume 1.  I think this also contains “Once Upon More Beautiful Days”.
    The second edition is something called “Im Walde” published by Barenreiter. It contains Popper Gnomentanz.

    It is neat that you watched all the episodes!


  9. Ihr spielt wundervoll! Ich habe diese Seite heute entdeckt und bin sehr beeindruckt.

    You play so wonderfully!
    I found this page today and I’m very impressed.

    Thomas from Switzerland

  10. hi! After 3 years with no instrument…
    I take my cello again, and this is after see your site…
    i work hard Im Wald of Popper with my wife (in piano) now…
    thanks lot a lot…

  11. Thanks.
    Do you know A.Aratjunjan?
    I´m playing one of his pieces right now, too.
    I think It is just called Impromptu.
    It´s great. Do you know this?
    And 1other question: How lond did ypu practise for the Gnomentanz?
    Thank you and go on playing that good:o)


  12. Julian – Great that you also play the cello. I haven’t heard of Aratjunjan. Sounds interesting and I will look into that. I think I started practicing the Gnomentanz around 2 weeks before the recording.


  13. hi i would love to learn the cello i am 13 and already play the saxophone and the flute and your music especially Gnomentanz. i have listened to it about a million times. i really want to learn cello and your music is so good. i shall start learning cello soon.

  14. Liam – Thanks. Great that you are playing all these instruments. I hope everything works out with starting the cello.


  15. Hi Luke,
    Where do you find the sheet music for all these Popper pieces. Especially the Dance of the Gnomes and Once Upon More Beautiful Days:In Memory of My Parents? Please let me know.

    Thank You

  16. Terence – There are two books called Popular Concert Pieces by David Popper Volume 1 and Volume 2. I think both of those are in Volume 1. You can order it at a place like SheetMusicPlus.com.


  17. Brie – If you read some of the earlier comments I mention some places to get it. I hope you get a chance to play it.


  18. Hey you guys I’ve watched this video about 5 times and I love it! Will you guys be doing the Elfentanz by Popper anytime soon too? Its an extreamly hard peice but im sure you can pull it off ;).

  19. I love this piece, I played it once 🙂
    my cello teacher is, I think, a big fan of David Popper (me too). So I had to play a lot of his work 🙂

    greetings from austria


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