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Cello Journey #16, October 2, 2006, Bach Courante

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In this episode I play a dance by Johann Sebastian Bach called a Courante. There is only one more dance after this and then the first suite of dances by Bach will be complete on Cello Journey. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Splendida idea. Una perla del web per chi ama la musica. Dall’Italia e da Venezia un saluto ed un apprezzamento sincero. Vivissimi complimenti !

  2. This is awesome! I’m playing this for my solo, but I’m not playing quite as fast as you are. It seems that our styles are different as well. You’re playing the courante with more staccato on the eighth notes. But I still love it!

  3. I came across cello journey searching the web for Vocalise by Rachmaninov. What a find! You play pieces I aspire to master and I really want to say thanks, I learn best by hearing how it should sound and copying, I will for sure be following cello journey more often! Well done on a great idea 😀 This is so so fast! I am impressed that you know so many pieces by heart! Happy playing!

  4. Hey I’m new to this stuff but I have loved playing Bach. I play the Sarablande, Gigue, the Prelude (of course) and a couple of pieces from other suites. I really like the way you play this, it seems much more valuable then the way that Yo Yo Ma plays it (I fall asleep to it every night).

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