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Upcoming Episode

In the next episode I will play more solo music by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Ross is busy taking care of his new baby.  The episode should be out this Friday.


  1. Yes, that would be great. I already guessed that more solo music will follow the next time since Ross and his wife have a full time job now ^_^ …

    Well, and Bach “6 Suitas for Cello” … a “bible” for every cellist 😉

    I totaly love and appreciate your work. Have been here right from the beginning.

    best regards from a German cellist

  2. hey luke. im a contrabass player. i lvoe your playing, i remember the first day this stuff came out. i was on youtube. i was searching up some cello music. and i heard you play. its been getting better since the beg. i love your music. keep playing

    ps sorry for bad grammer and whatnot.

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