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Cello Journey #14, August 21, 2006 – Papillon (Butterfly)

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The music for this episode is Papillon (Butterfly) by Gabriel Faure. Recently I happened to watch a butterfly in a field. It was either flying around quickly or it would land to rest and you could see its beautiful wings. In this piece there are fast parts and melodic parts. I think these represent the behavior of a butterfly. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. wow! that was fantastic! You obviously know the ‘map’ of the fingerboard very well! Your left hand technique really amazed me!
    keep it up…maybe something slower for the next one *cough* Kol Nidrei *cough* (or elgar 1st mvmt)!

  2. As usual thank you for the comments.

    Madeline – A butterfly flying around, landing and then flying again is nice to watch.   It is neat if that image comes to mind.

    Jo Jackie, Terry – Both the Kol Nidrei and Elgar are really great. I am sure we will get to them at some point. Thank you for the recommendations.


  3. very nice and clean throughout. i’d like to see some concerto, you’ve been playing mostly romantic pieces, i’d like to see you change gears and go into the classical period (haydn dmaj or cmaj). keep up the good work!
    p.s. what kind of cello/bow do u have?

  4. i would like to make a couple of requests. im not sure if u would be able to play them. but could u try to play the moonlight sonata and the theme to resident evil outbreak. the resident evil one might be hard to find info on but i would like to hear that one on cello if u could play it.

  5. Amazing. I just listened to Faure’s papillion and I was astounded. What a great piece of music. I don’t think faure wrote anything bad, but I enjoyed that almost as much as Elegie. I don’t know if I’m allowed to request songs or not ,but I play the cello and i’m working on Johann Christian Bach’s Concerto in c minor, and I was wondering if you could play the first movement. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  6. Benjamin – Thanks for your nice comments. The Papillon is really neat. the J.C. Bach is a really nice piece. Maybe at some point we can play it. Thanks for the request. I didn’t think of that one. I hope you have lots of fun playing it.

  7. Great stuff! This is a bloody hard piece, you’ve done a really great job here. Any chance of uploading any Cello concertos? Schumann, Elgar, Lalo, etc perhaps?

  8. James – Thanks. Hopefully we will get to the concertos at some point. I like all the ones you mentioned.


  9. Cze?? ?ukasz!?wietny pomys?!
    Jak mi?o zobaczy? starego Przyjaciela jak pi?knie gra!Gratulacje i z wielk? przyjemno?ci? s?ucham dalej. Pozdrawiamy z Polski! Do zobaczenia!!

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