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Cello Journey #13, August 14, 2006, The Swan, Special Edition

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #13, August 14, 2006, Special Edition

This is a special edition of Cello Journey. There is a pair of nice swans that live nearby and I thought I would put together a video of them along with the music of The Swan. They always swim together. I hope you enjoy it.

Episode Info:
In this episode we play a famous piece by the French composer Camille Saint-Saens called The Swan. It is a part of the Carnival of The Animals which is an orchestral suite but this is a section where the cello represents a swan and the accompaniment represents the rippling waters that the swan glides upon.

Higher quality sound/video can be downloaded at cellojourney.com
For feedback please e-mail cellojourney@gmail.com or leave comments.


  1. My son and I enjoyed your playing very much. Unfortunately nothing works for me after episode 11. Before it was easy to download the episodes in high quality but after the change on your website it is impossible to view the episodes. Everything worked perfectly before.
    If it’s not broken don’t fix it!

    Richard Norton

  2. Hi Richard,

    Can you try to download iTunes? If you install iTunes on your computer you can click on “Subscribe in iTunes” on the Cello Journey website. iTunes is free and the subscription is free. You will be able to download all the episodes right away.

    Please try that and write me back.


  3. Baby swans, no less. That was as about as sweet as it gets. Well done! You play with fantastic feeling and subtlety.

    Possible request for another Saint-Saens cello gem: Allegro Appassionato (I think that’s the piece I’m thinking of. It’s been years.)

    I know it’s not as technically advanced as much of what you’re doing, but it is nonetheless a gutsy little number.

    In any event, thanks and keep on keeping on. FL

  4. Touching, & moving for the soul. So this is what being human is about….your work reflects what is beautiful about man and his potential. Nice work adding the swans. Please continue your work.


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