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Cello Journey #13, July 31, 2006, The Swan

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In this episode we play a famous piece by the French composer Camille Saint-Saens called The Swan. It is a part of the Carnival of The Animals which is an orchestral suite but this is a section where the cello represents a swan and the accompaniment represents the rippling waters that the swan glides upon.

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  1. That was fantastic. People underestimate how difficult this piece…its not easy to really make it sound easy and relaxed and depicting a beautiful swan but you did it amazingly! Simply Gorgeous.

  2. Hello, I’m writing from France. I began learning playing cello last february and I love your “cello journey”. Thanks a lot. Could you please play the first cello concerto by Lalo (or Laleau). It’s my favorite with Piano and cello. I heard it once and felt in love with it but I only find records with an orchestra and I don’t refind the same feeling. Keep on this so enjoyable journey!

  3. ooh I’m with Laurence on this one, the Lalo would be great as I’m learning to play it at the moment. The second or last movement! You might want to listen to the violin piece ‘Habanera’ by Pablo de Sarasate, see if you notice something quite similar to the last movement of the Lalo Concerto…..

  4. Excellently played! I am learning this suite with my string ensemble, and I did not know the piano represented the water. Very interesting. I’m not sure if anyone else thinks this, but to my ear the scale starting on E natural and going to B sounds as though to represent the akward way swans stomp their feet and preen their wings before flight. Once again, excellent piece!

  5. Beautiful! He let the swan come alive on water. My 7 year old started to study cello and I hope some day she will play that piece like that.

  6. Thank you.

    Erin – Neat that you are also playing the Swan.

    Sue – I hope your daughter’s playing goes well and she has lots of fun!


  7. Thank you for this musical vlog! It is a great service to society to provide music which harmoniously involves the heart and promotes depth of imagination, feeling and subtlety.
    I once thought of learning to play cello, but decided to become a yogic monk instead. As long as we live in tune with our deeper self, we can feel that the whole universe is playing in the same endless concert, just with different instruments. We are indeed instruments of a Cosmic Musician!
    I still love and appreciate very much the cello though. 😉

  8. this is definitely my absolute favourite!
    i love the way you play that, its really relaxing!
    keep up the brilliant work, guys!

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