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Upcoming Episode

The next episode should be out on Sunday. I am thinking of leaving a hint about it. It contains many folk melodies. I hope everyone watches it.


  1. Perhaps Bartok’s “Six Roumanian Folk Dances?” Or maybe something Dvorak? (Or have you found a violinist to join in the fun, and y’all will be playing something from the Dumky Piano Trio?)

    From two of your fans you haven’t heard from before … Johnny and Chris … we’re young(er than you) cellists (we play piano, too). We’ve been *very* much enjoying what you’ve been doing! Inspiring! Thank you!!!

  2. Aww cmon man, please play a major concerto.
    Your playing is very good and I would like to hear that style.
    You have none posted so I feel deprived 🙁

    Is there a concerto with folk melodies???

  3. hi my name is Gavin i am 15.
    i stay in South Africa and the biggest lover of classical music in my family…
    your cello skills are “outstanding”…
    i play the piano and i am in unisa grade 8 finals..and i have always wanted to play the cello..so for my fifteenth b-day my dad bought me one..
    now i have not been to go to lessons yet becouse of my hectic time scedual but i was hoping you could tell if the cello is a difficult string instrument to start with.. i realy need your advice…
    thank you very much Gavin..

  4. hi luke..
    its gavin again!
    i am speachless i realy dont know how to thank you for replying…!!

    yes,that is so true to get a propper sound is so difficult… i might just die… its so complicated.
    anyway luke i started my first lesson on the 21 it was crazy, and so diffrent to the piano..
    my first piece to learn is some basic “merry had a little lamb” or something…
    one question.. do you mind if i keep in contact with you through your site.. just to let you know how i have progressed! anyway thanks alot and i hope to here from you soon…
    and please carry on with this great site..

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