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Episode 11, July 3, 2006 – Faure Elegy

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #11, July 3, 2006

In this episode we play a piece by the French composer Gabriel Faure. It is the Elegy. This piece is well known among cellists and audiences and I received quite a few requests for it. We thought we would play it. Both the cello and piano have very nice parts in this piece.

Elegy Op. 24


  1. Oh I had forgotten how much I love this piece. Good job once again you two! It’s great that you have decided to take some requests. When someone mentioned this, I knew you two would do a great job. This is one of your videos I will watch/listen to probably a 100 times in the next few days. 🙂 Bravo!

  2. Thank you ever so much. This is an unbelievably brilliant project – thoroughly enjoyable and admirably unpretentious.

  3. that was awesome! the fast part at around 4:50 was great!! the piano was no doubt an indispensible part of this piece.. good job!

  4. Yes I agree with Chris about the piano. I completely admire your shifting! I don’t think I will ever be able to shift up and down the cello like that!

  5. that was awesome! ive never heard that song before but ill probably listen 2 it over and over again! i hope that someday i can play that great! also, now i know how 2 play in thumb position! thanks!

  6. Hello mister cello journey,
    I discoverd your project on a friend blog link and I very much appreciet it. (sorry for my bad englich !). It’s very sympatich to see such classical music videos from you. And bravo for the cello playing !

  7. As usual thank you for the comments.

    It is neat to hear that some of you are listening to it several times.


  8. I think one of the remarkable things about your playing is how you pull the beautiful sound out of your instrument with the bow. Great job, keep it up!

  9. this is one of my favorite pieces and it was really well played. its a really nice idea you got here and is a pleasure to us all i’m sure, to hear and see this quality performances. well done and keep it up. wainting for the next episode eheh

  10. Very Nice again…Especially your waterfalling bowing..Waiting for Bach and Reger o Shnittke in the nexts..
    Tank you

  11. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you! I enjoy watching your clips during lunch breaks.

    I look forward to your next performance and would like to request the Sammartini Sonata in G and the Allegro Appasionato.

  12. Excellent! Well played. I’m a cellist myself and have been moved by this song. With such wonderful depth and emotion try Chanson Triste by Tchaikovsky. It’s my favourite. Keep it up!

  13. Luke,
    My mom and I listened to your performance of the Elegie and enjoyed it very much — she likes your sound (her son is a cellist), and thinks that both you and the pianist played very well. Thank you!

  14. Thank you !
    I’m glad you fourfilled my request. I love the piece, and I love this project. Keep going on, I’ll stay tuned. ( pitty I can’t download the episodes anymore, I ca

  15. I should say you have just enlightened my day. 🙂
    Thanks for the videos. and for the delicadezza.
    you play beautifully and the sound of cello and piano is delightful.

  16. Hi Luke
    I love this piece!!! Do you think I can download it into my Ipod. Do you know how to do it? With simple words please (I’m french and not an IT)

  17. Laurence – If you have a video iPod you can take the episodes directly from iTunes. You can subscribe to Cello Journey there for free. At some point I will make some mp3s of the episodes.

  18. Wow this is a really lovely interpretation – I’m playing it for an exam so all tips etc. are useful 🙂 just a thought of mine – is this speed not too fast for a funeral march? Other versions I’ve heard are slower… Anyways thanks heaps ^_^

  19. Sarah, thanks for your comment. Since this piece is in 4/4 time if you play it slower I think it might end up sounding like there are 8 beats per bar. It is great that you are also playing this. Good luck with your exam!

  20. You’ve convinced me. I have to play this piece. I have been sitting here watching your videos for the past hour. I am so impressed with your talent. I’m just a hobbyist at this and I’m trying to catch up to something that I should have done when I was a kid. But I love classical music. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks so much for presenting these pieces. It means so much to me to watch you play.


  21. Greetings from Greece! Your interpretation of elegie is just superb and the piano part is excellent! Your videos always provide much inspiration for me to keep on studying the cello, and, thus far, elegie is by far my favorite! It is so good to discover such jewels in the web! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  22. Ah…Romantic music! I love that piece; in fact, I’m learning it in my private studies right now. It’s so helpful to hear what it sounds like when it’s all put together. It’s such a gorgeous song! Well done!

  23. Thanks for this awesome piece. This and the Pavane are some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. Your performance was amazing! Bravo!

  24. Of all the videos here, I think this is my favorite one. The repetition of the main theme just after the fast part, is simply beautiful !

  25. Hi Luke,

    I’m a musican (piano & drums) but only began playing the cello nine months ago and have fallen in love with it. I came across your performances on YouTube a few days ago and what a thrill. I love French music and loved hearing you play Faure’s Elegy. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve come across since starting the cello and you make it sound wonderful.

    Being able to see how you get around it is a fantastic help. It inspired me to try and learn it and have worked on the first 27 bars so far and it’s sounding quite good. Since I’m not playing very long I realise I will probably not be able to get through the whole thing but look forward to it some day hopefully.

    Is there any chance you would play Debussy’s Reverie sometime in the future, it’s another stunningly beautiful piece.

    Also I was wondering what is the cello you play.

    Many thanks and best wishes to you for 2007.

    Gerard Farrelly

  26. Gerard,

    I hope your cello playing goes really well and you get lots of joy out of it! My cello is a fairly basic German cello but it sounds fine and I like it. Thank you for the recommendation. I will listen to this Debussy Reverie.


  27. This is a lovely interpretation of this piece. I was looking for video of this piece, as my teacher wants me to start it, but I didn’t know. I must say it is a lovely introduction to this piece!!! Bravo!!!

  28. I’m an amateur cellist and I love watching and listening to you two. Bravo. Keep up the good work. You both inspire me to continue working on my cello.

  29. As I am a teacher of beginner cellists, I have found your website very useful as a demonstrative resource. As an intermediate cellist myself, your website has also been an inspiration to keep me practicing my cello! The repetoire on your website has been very appropriate for my purposes, both to show students and to listen to personally.

    However, is it possible to ask for requests ?!? If so, I would be very grateful if you would be able to put on your websiteSaint-Saens’ “Allegro appassionato”. It would be a great help!

    Thank you for your wonderful playing! 🙂

  30. One of my favorite pieces. I have played the piano for 14 years and the cello for . . . uh, not quite 14 days (I wish I had more free time, because I’m suddenly dying to learn the cello) — they’re my two favorite instruments, and Faure’s bringing them together in this piece is masterful. As is your interpretation, which is done very elegantly and emotionally: bravo! This is better than many versions I have heard (my favorite is the du Pre/Barenboim); I’ve already listened twice.

  31. Hey I just performed this at at the UIL Texas State Competition and got a Division 1 rating and the Outstanding Soloist award. I absolutely admire how this piece presents such leeway of expression that each artist can exhibit his/her own story with this piece. One of the Faure’s greatest!

  32. I’m just learning this piece and your video has not only been an inspiration but also a very educational lesson! I live out in the boonies and there isn’t a qualified instructor within a hundred miles so I’m pretty much on my own. I am so thankful that you have these sessions posted. It is such a tremendous help!


  33. Brian – Congratulations on the competition! I also really like how the piano has some beautiful melodies in this one.

    Michelle – Nice to hear from you. Sometimes I go out into the country or away on vacation and take my cello. I really like playing the cello then. It is very relaxing.


  34. HI. I am learning this piece and I was just wondering if you knew any history about it. All I know is that it was supposedly about the death of his daughter(?)


    P.S. it sounded quite nice:)

  35. Starr – I am not sure about the history of this particular piece. I think he wrote this piece around the time he wrote the “Apres une Reve”. You can see the episode description for Cello Journey #20. I wrote some things about Faure’s life at the time.


  36. Awesome!!!. I love the songs you guys play together. They sound very nice. I would like to hear some Luigi Boccherini cello music if possible.

  37. What a great version of playing elegy!
    I’m playing this track at the moment, too, and I very like.
    But I’m working hard, to get these fast peaces of it 😉
    Very Nice

  38. Alan – Thank you. I agree. I think it is a very special piece. It says something unique.

    Johann – Great to hear that you are playing the same piece. I agree, some of the fast parts can be uncomfortable.


  39. A very beautiful piece.. It makes me want to start playing cello again. This was the last song I played in concert before I quit (a few years ago). It makes me wondering if I can still play even the simplest songs.. or if I forgot everything.

    Great performance and I’m looking forward to see more episodes. Thanks!

  40. Floris – I think sometimes people are surprised at how much they remember when they pick up an instrument again.


  41. Your peformance is truely instrumental for my son and I’m sure for many students studying to be celiist. He’s 13 and really passionate about becoming a cellist. Your website is the first place we look everytime he gets a new piece to play ^^. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful performances.


  42. Alex – Thank you. I wish you and your son all the best. It is neat that you are picking some of the same pieces.


  43. Beautiful interpretation, as well as from the cellist as from the pianist!! And I really enjoyed reading all comments, very nice people you all!!!
    Elaine from Brazil

  44. hey, i want to ask you somtheing, im goint to play the elegie whit orchestra, can you give a advise? (sorry, my inglish is very bad) thanks for the help

  45. Carlos – That sounds great. I am not sure what advice to give. I think I would suggest keeping a good tempo in the slower parts and working on accuracy in the middle and last section. Let me know if you need specific help. I hope it goes really well.


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