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Episode 9, June 3, 2006 – Rachmaninov Vocalise

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In this episode I am joined by a good friend and pianist Ross Inglis. The piece is Vocalise by Sergei Rachmaninov. It is originally for voice and piano and it is a song without words.


  1. That was beautiful, thank you. I have been playing cello since Nov 2005 – if I need motivation or inspiration I can always watch any of your videos. Thanks.

  2. What can I say? Your playing was the most beautiful thing I have heard all day. That was one of the most emotionally invoking pieces I have heard in awhile. I am so glad you decided to do a duet piece with the piano-I just love the piano. Your friend is very talented just as you are. I hope more duets of this kind are in the near future.

  3. Thank you for the sweet music. i’m a fan of the cellojourney series. Maybe you can try to play the elegie from fauré, that piece always touches me most.
    musical greetings from Belgium

  4. Very very nice! You play well. I play the cello too, and as someone said I’d like to have your own version of the Elgar Cello Concerto, or the Cello Concerto of Dvorak. Maybe the exactly title of the song it wouldn’t be a bad idea (and, but I don’t think it would be possible, it would be nice to have the access to the sheets). But however, keep going on this way! Very intresting and nice.
    Greetings, Emo by CH

  5. I have been visiting this site for a number of weeks and realised that I had never left a message – how rude! I think you play beautifully and this duo in particular was very expressive. I’m off to pick up my cello and play for a while – thanks for the inspiration!

    Chapeau off to you from France.

  6. In the immortal words of Eliza Dolittle, “Loverly!” I would love to hear more with the piano. I still think your interpretation of the Elgar cello concerto would be lovely. I hope you consider it!

    Nice job!
    M. Brown

  7. Once again I must say I was touched by your beautiful music. The piano adds another depth that I like a lot.
    Keep going, as long as you have fun!

  8. I really appreciate all the wonderful feedback. I read comments very carefully and I can see that you really put a lot of thought into them. I am glad people like that I added piano. Ross also really appreciates your comments.

    It is neat to get comments from all these different countries.

    Thank you for the requests. Hopefully I will get to some of them in the near future.


  9. Have you ever tried the Rachmaninov Sonata for Cello and Piano Op 19 in G minor?
    The third movement (Andante) is one of my favourite cello pieces ever.

  10. Played very beautifully. If I remember correctly I think that song was a lot slower than how you played it.

    How long have you played the cello before your teacher taught you vibrato? Just curious.

  11. I just love the vocalise and anything Rachmaninoff – he is so expressive. It takes so much talent to do his work justice; you have my brownie points 🙂 I hope to one day be able to play like you. Now I’m off to practice some work for rehearsal tonight. Keep up the work; I see you’ve inspired so many people who have left comments. That is so important. Later, CelloPhenom.

  12. Darhiel – Salut D’Amour is beautiful. I think we will definitely play it at some point. Thanks for the suggestion.


  13. That is so lovely. Word.

    Your casual and informative approach is most enjoyable. It’s quite refreshing to hear and watch such pronounced yet unpretentious musical talent.

  14. What a treat it is to hear you both play so expressively yet technically proficient. (I have learned some new solutions for fingering while watching you play.) Can you please tell us what kind of ‘cello you play, what strings you use, and what bow you use? I am always interested in finding out what equipment professionals use.
    Thanks a million….Jackie

  15. Prachtig! I found your website when looking for this piece on the internet(I play the piece on my traverse flute, which is quit beautiful but it is clear that the cello resembles the human voice much more beautifully) I am considering to start playing cello; I know it’s going to be a great (and long) struggle to get to your level, but your music certainly encourages me to start! Its nice to have a clear sight on the way you play. Thanks and keep up the good music!

    Sigrid (20 yrs, from the Netherlands)

  16. I love,love,love Vocalise, so it’s so lovely to hear you play it so beautifully. I’ve sightread it a few times, and I’ve always found that the notes are simple, but it’s slow, which makes it very hard. Would you agree? I would suggest playing Squire’s Tarantella, D’vorak’s Humoresque and Klid(Silient Woods). I’m sure you would do them great justice!

  17. Wow! You play the cello really well.

    The cello?,

    That’s what I’ve been wanting to learn how to play.
    I also play violin, piano and clarinet.

    Thanks for the song that I ever heard,
    My Favorite Cellist is Yo-Yo Ma.

  18. very well done!
    have you heard ¨Autumn Rhapsody¨ by Vivianne Panizzon?
    Its one of my favourite pieces, and I thing it would suit the season really well!
    You can access it on Naxos Music Library.
    Its a great piece and I think it would really be worth introducing to everyone!


  19. Clara – Thanks for letting me know about this piece. I listened to it. It is really beautiful. The melodies are really memorable.


  20. I really hope to achieve the clarity of your articulation in my playing one day. I’m actually performing this piece for a wedding soon. Bravo for your triumphant playing and I’m waiting for another breathtaking performance!

  21. This sounds fantastic.. I am just learning this piece ready for my Grade 7 exam I love it and hope that one day I’ll be able to play it as beautifully as you!
    At the moment I’m still getting used to the way the notes feel .

  22. That was a pleasure to listen to and watch. This is one of the pieces I have selected for Grade 7 and watching it being played is so helpful.
    Thank you so much

  23. you have a truly great gift!!! I’m working on Kabalevsky Concerto number 1, movement 3 and was wondering if I could make a request for you to do an episode of it. I love watching others’ opinions on a piece. I have subscribed to cello journey and love every second of it! you are amazing

  24. Thanks. The Kabalevsky Concerto is a pretty cool piece. I forgot about Kabalevsky. I haven’t played this concerto yet. Hopefully at some point we will play it.


  25. Thank you again Luke and Ross for another glorious piece in Thais Meditation.Please keep your fans spoiled.Warm regards

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