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Episode 8, May 20, 2006 – Popper In Memory

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Since recently it was Mother’s Day I thought I would play something related to this. It is a piece by David Popper called “Once Upon More Beautiful Days: In Memory of My Parents”. I would like to dedicate it to all mothers that might be watching.


  1. Nice piece.

    I’m not sure whether you take requests, but is it possible to hear Elegie for cello & piano in C minor, Op. 24 by Gabriel Faure up here? If you can find a piano player?

  2. All of your performances leave me in awe! I especially love the two pieces by Popper. I hope you do more by him. If you do take requests, I would love to hear your interpretation of Elgar’s Cello concerto in E minor. That is one of my favorite pieces both to hear and play.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. The episode is recorded and I am in the process of releasing it. It should be out today or tomorrow. It is a surprise and something new to Cello Journey.

  4. oh!! No se si hablas castellano, de todas maneras te doy las gracias por mostrarnos estas maravillosas piezas, es muy gentil de tu parte; esperaré a que coloques otra performances. Saludos y mil gracias.

  5. this piece of music is really amazing, and i like the feeling to put in everyone, the interpretation in beauttiful, exelent work!!!

  6. Hi Luke,
    Where do you find the sheet music for all these Popper pieces. Especially the Dance of the Gnomes and Once Upon More Beautiful Days:In Memory of My Parents? Please let me know.

    Thank You

  7. Terence – There are two books called Popular Concert Pieces by David Popper Volume 1 and Volume 2. I think both of those are in Volume 1. You can order it at a place like SheetMusicPlus.com.


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