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Episode 7, May 7, 2006 – Popper Tarantella

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #7, May 7, 2006

In this episode I play another piece by David Popper. It is called a Tarantella. This type of dance comes from southern Italy. It is danced by couples and I think it is still played at some weddings to this day. It is fairly energetic, upbeat and I hope it gives you a bit of energy too. I recorded the comments separately because I found it a bit hard to concentrate right after talking.



  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    Yet another beautiful interpretation by Mr. Stanley. As you said, this one had a lot of energy, and certainly put a smile on my face!
    Thank you a lot, I really appreciate your podcast.

  2. Hi I’m a very new beginner at the age of 19.
    Cello is one of the most desired instrument I’ve ever want to play. Against all the my friends’ comments that cello would not survive if one only play solo. You have proved that it is possible. Anyway, there’s a lot for me to learn.
    would like to talk to you in order to improve my skills.
    PS. You always play wonderfully.

  3. i like this one the second best after the first one. this song is very fast-paced comapred to your other ones and that’s what i like about it.

  4. very nice job! beautiful sound!
    Jules Massenet Meditation for Opera Thais
    William H. Squire Tarantella
    J.S. Bach Cello Suite 2 Gigue

  5. As always thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it and look forward to reading it.

    I think I started the cello when I was 7.

    Terry those are some nice requests.

    Anan thank you for mentioning that cello sounds good by itself. I am actually in the process of trying to get a pianist to join me on some episodes.

  6. As something of a back porch fiddler I am always amazed at the talent of others, knowing how difficult it can be. Very beautiful music. Thanks for putting it online for us all to enjoy.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

    The Back Porch Fiddler

  7. I saw your second episode on Youtube on the recents the night it came out and I commented. I forgot what I wrote, but I was thinking that it really should be featured, and I probably hit feature this. And WOW
    The next morning you were featured, and I thought that it was really appropriate.

    Now I am just learning about vlogging, I was at a conferrence with video bloggers at the Apple store in Chicago today. Now on Podcast Alley I see that you are way ahead of me. BRAVO
    So far I have a group on youtube called Satsang. I want to vlog it and who knows, maybe I’ll pick up my alto flute and work on some songs. Life moves.

    Thanks for your great example

  8. Too bad you did not have the pianist for this one! I love your playing – very clean, phrased and in perfect tune! Congratulations!

  9. Hey, Great Cello playing. I am actually a cellist myself and I’ve learned this tarantella before but i never learned it ”completely”. The music you produced has inspired me to look over the music once more. It sounds so beautiful! I want to be able to produce good sound too. Thank you for these very inspirational videos. Keep up the good work!

  10. I was curious if you could play the William H. Squire Tarantella. I played that piece in my 8th grade year, and was curious to hear it played by another cellist. Thanks! I absolutely love this site as a cellist my self. I stumbled upon your site looking for a recording of the Gabriel Fauré Elegy, to which is the piece I am working on currently. Great rendition!

  11. I know this Tarantella by Squire. It is a very nice piece. Maybe we will play it some time in the future. Nice to hear that you also play the cello!


  12. Nice I love tarantellas. I think they are so lively! I was so inspired by Popper’s Tarantella that I went off and wrote three of my own!:)

  13. I really enjoy watching you play this piece. I am 17 and am in my senior year of HS and have really started taking performance seriously and have started working on this piece. I love it and look forward to hearing you record more works for cello, are you going to record any concerto repertoire (with piano accp.)?

  14. Hello, my name is Anna, i’m 15 and i’ve been playing the cello since i was 5… i love my cello! I came upon this site looking for background info on the WH Squire Tarantella as i’m playing it in my grade 7 exam next week. You obviously enjoy playing the cello, it must have taken a while to master some of those jumps and high notes.. very in tune i’m impressed!! Haha don’t take offence at this but it’s good to see that i’m not the only one who makes funny faces when i get to difficult bits 😀

  15. Hi, first off, i love this site. But when play music of any difficulty i feel like i am just not good enough (particularly in the Squire Tarantella)! Which might be a good thing if i would keep getting better, but no! I just get frusterated! Have you ever felt this? And how do i combat it?
    fellow cellist,

  16. Wonderful playing of the Tarantella. When I used to hear the great cellists first, I thought they had some kind of special thing, I now realize that they do but that if I work hard at playing scales, yes scales especially, I improve in all kinds of ways especially intonation. I remember Janos Starker, saying at the Manchester festival that he worked like a dog in his youth. That should tell us something. Gerry Quinn, Dublin, Ireland

  17. I was wondering if you could play Golterman Concerto No. 4 in G major Op. 65. There is no recording, and I’m very interested to see how a professional cellist would play and interpret it!


  18. I am sure the Golterman is nice. I played some Golterman concertos in the past and I liked them. I will add it to the list of requests. Hopefully one day we can play it.

    It sounds like you are a cellist. Have fun playing!

    Thank you,


  19. This piece is lovely. As you said, it is very energetic. I love how it’s light and happy and I really wish that I could play as well as you. But anyway, I must be off now good bye and happy playing!

  20. Hello
    Quisiera conseguir su Tarantella..voy a tocar en un concierto con una cellista coreana.
    Yo soy peruana,pianista, graduada en el Conservatorio de Rotterdam Holanda y resido en Dusseldorff, Alemania,donde tengo mi estudio.
    M.Manrique Winkler

  21. Marvi – Great to hear from you. Neat that you played this with a cellist. I once lived in Germany too. It is a very nice country.


  22. Hello! Luke, you are inspiring…Im 13 and right now I am playing the Apres Un Reve by Faure. It’s such a pretty piece and I was wondering if you had any tips on playing it….(reading the treble clef is so hard!)

    Well, I just wanted to say keep up the good work and post some more! Your sound is beautiful and your intonation is phoenomenal. Thanks for posting!

    P.S. It’s so amazing how you’ve been playing since 7!

  23. Ashley – Thank you. You asked about some helpful tips about the Apres un Reve. There are two things that might help. I read the words of the poem several times. I also listened to some recordings with singers to see how the words fit the music.


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