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Edition for iPod Video now available.

You can now play Cello Journey on your computer and also on an iPod Video. An iPod Edition is available through iTunes. Please send me an e-mail or post a comment as to whether everything is working ok.


  1. Thanks Anne-Lise for testing this out.

    The next video should be out this weekend. Sometimes I get really busy or I run into a technical delay so I can’t always tell exactly when the episode will be made. Thanks for being patient.

  2. Luke, I am truly impressed with your videos. Just by watching you play, you make me want to run away from the computer and pick up my cello! You are very expressive in your playing which really makes the watcher feel your emotions. As a growing cellist myself, it is an awesome experience to see other cellists perform. Thank you so much for your efforts into creating these videos for so many of us to enjoy!

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