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Episode 3, April 1, 2006 – Bach Menuet

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #3, April 1, 2006

In this episode I play something more dance-like and folk-like. It is also by Bach. Thank you for the feedback and please keep sending it. I might play more Bach in the future since he wrote so much good music for solo cello.

Look inside this title
Johann Sebastian Bach: Six Suites For Cello Solo, BWV 1007-1012 - sheet music at www.sheetmusicplus.com
Johann Sebastian Bach: Si…


  1. Wonderful music. Yo Yo Ma couldn’t have done better job playing.

    Do you have any compositions of your own?

    Do you play anything that’s jazz or modern?

    Do you play with a band, orchestra or other player? If so, could they be featured?

  2. Another fantastic piece. I would love to hear Vivaldi’s Cello Concerto in E-Minor (RV 409 3rd Movement). Please play it sometime! And yes, more Bach!

  3. Wonderful.
    I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more.
    Perhaps you could find time to create an email notice of new pieces.
    Great use of the Internet.

  4. nobreakfast sent me to take a look! So glad to have gotten to see and hear you play. Your love of the music shines through, and it’s a joy to hear.

  5. Hello!
    That was wonderful! I miss playing the cello 🙁
    You play so beautifully, and you have beautiful sound.
    Yes, Bach does have great solo cello pieces! Play more!

    Do you mind if I link your site off my blog?

  6. I found you at Youtube. As far as other music for solo cello, is Max Reger in your repertoire – or Benjamin Britten (though there might be copyright issues in his case)?

  7. I thank you for this beautiful performance..I hope you are recording the next episode at this moment looking forward hear from you.

  8. Hey man, way to go. A violinist friend of mine thought enough of your playing to send me the link to your website. It’s cool. You’re playing is very impressive, but your right hand is a little stiff. Just some helpful advice! Keep it up! (P.S. Your Bach rocks.)

  9. I came across your videos on youtube.com and they are amazing. You can tell how passionate you are about your playing. I’m anxious to hear more.

  10. Wow.. it’s about time somebody started this^^
    i’ve been learning cello for about 2 months now, and i love watching you play. i can check if my posture, finger positions and bowing techniques are right. Please continue this!! =D

  11. No pressure, no pressure, no pressure…

    Uh, when…

    Are you going to post some more?

    (No pressure)

    The cello is the most beautiful-sounding instrument in the world. Thank you for your work.

  12. Thanks for the awesome music, I love diversity in music and really enjoy listening and being able to watch the performance as well. Keep them coming, I thoroughly enjoy your work.

  13. Another enjoyer here. Keep it up.

    I also found my way here from youtube (and on my first time there, no less).

    I’d really like to see the official titles of the pieces in the podcast comments.

  14. I will write the titles in the comments for now.

    In this episode it was Menuet from Suite number 1 by Bach for solo cello.

    I will do some updates to the website to include this info.


  15. Outstanding emotional performance. I love the cello when done well, and I love your performances. My 3 yr old daughter watches Little Einsteins constantly (blame Tivo), and ran over to the computer when I started playing your first video. We’ve seen it 10 times now!

    Keep going, please.

  16. You know, I found this video on “you tube” and I watched it expecting it to have some sort of prank, but it was refreshing to hear beautiful music beign made by you. Thank you for posting it. It made me forget my worries at least for the time you played! Please make some more.

  17. I used to play this cello suite on my violin, in particular the menuett you played and the courante. It brings back memories and is inspiring me get it out and start playing it. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

  18. This space is really awesome, I really want to thank you for doing it. I’m 18 years old, I’ve been playing cello for only 2 years now, it’s quite encouraging to see these kind of spaces, really, it’s great.
    I saw the Bach prelude (ep. 1), it is actually what I’m practicing, after watching the episode I really just took my cello and start practicing, that was a couple of hours ago, this is just very encouraging, congratulations and a million thanks!

  19. Keep these coming, they are fantastic. My 3-yr-old and 9-yr-old daughters are enjoying them along with me. What a great way to publish your passion to the world. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  20. Song requests:
    -saint-saens, haydn, lalo, and elgar cello concertos.
    -shostakovich cello concerto no.1
    – Tchaikovsky rococo variations
    thank you 🙂

  21. We could start a little quiz with the title of the pieces. These by Bach are quite easy, but maybe if you played a little less popular music we could enjoy also trying to figure out the source.

    Keep up the good playing!

  22. well bach is one of my favorite composers and hearing you play reminds me why. that was a terrific solo. great work!

  23. You have not ceased to amaze me. You make me wonder why I quit playing cello and moved exclusively to brass. I think I hear my trumpet, trombone, and baritone cursing me ;p

  24. This is truly wonderful. I think podcasts like yours will change the way people experience, learn about, and participate in classical music.

    Imagine a student who has just learned thier first piece. Instead of a living room concert for just mom and dad, they could create a podcast, and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, and the lady down the street can all see the first performance and give encouragment.

    Musicians could find other musicians and learn pieces together, comparing and commenting on each other’s progress.

    Fans of classical music could find a variety of interpetations of thier favorite pieces, instead of the impossibly sterile ones you buy from the big recording studios.

    I have been listening to podcasts for about a year, and mulling over the idea of doing a similar podcast, for the flute. What you are doing is very exciting, and I wish you luck!

  25. Tuve la suerte, al igual que otros, de encontrarte en youtube. Gracias por compartir tu pasión con otros. Seguire tus viajes.

  26. how beautiful ur music is!!! i love it so much. it is so fantastis! i also playing cello, but i facing many problems. ur music really help me a lot. thanks.

  27. Such a nice, light bow touch in that G major menuet. You’ve got that dance step in your bow. I like your fingerings, too. I’ve played the piece possibly 100 times over 40 yrs and like your touch.

    I’m working on the 4th suite, which somehow I skipped in my teens. (I’m 51 now). Am abt to start teaching myself the Reger suites. Best wishes. Scott

  28. Great! Thank you from Rome, Italy!

    a great work, many many thanks and congratulations for the hard work and excellent quality!



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