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Thank You

Thank you for all the feedback. Your encouragement is very helpful and makes me want to make more of these! Please keep it coming. Also if you know other people that might want to see these please let them know.

It is nice that they put the video on youtube.com on the Featured Videos page. Right now 6137 people have seen it. (35,600 as of April 12)  That is really great. I will make another episode on Saturday so please watch for it.


  1. yeah dude no problem im a big fan of puck rock music i have a band thats been going strong for about 7 years now but i have a deep love for the type of stuff that you play its incredable so keep up the good work its awsome!!!

  2. WOW.. i am amazed on what you can do with a cello.. and finally a podcast i enjoy. dont stop producing they podcasts.. u have inspired me to go start learning how to play the cello…..

    thanks a lot


  3. hehe, you tube, hehe ,
    yeah I think that’s from where I saw oyu first hehe,

    but, butt, hehe hehee hehehe hehe

    re he hehehe hehehe hehehe

    that was cool ! hehe hehe

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these podcasts. They’re downright inspiring. I love classical music, and I think you just deepened that love! Thanks so much for sharing your talent as well as some beautiful music.

  5. I am a 20 yr old violinist, and I just wanted to tell you your music is beautiful! I look forward to seeing your next podcast. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. wow…you are so talented. I myself play the violin and one of my best friends plays the cello, which he is very passionate about. I will be sure to tell him to watch your podcasts. Thank you for showing us what making music is all about.

  7. Wow, you are great! The sound you create is beautiful. I wish I could do half of what you can do on the cello. It makes me want to practise harder.
    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your next video!

  8. I’m excited to travel farther on your Cello Journey. Will you visit David Popper and his Hungarian Rhapsody Op. 68 anytime soon? Anywhere you want to journey is fine with me. I’m having a great time watching your cello journey. Thanks.

  9. Thank you! This is wonderful! Helps me keep up my new cello studies. Looking forward to more. This is so great.

    Any hints for new players. I find that unlike piano where I got my start in music, cello has a steep learning curve at the beginning just to produce a sound that is not painful.

    all the best and many thanks,

  10. Wow great work! i play the piano and i have always been interested in string instruments. The sound from your cello is beautiful. Your videos really encourage me to practise even harder hope to see more of your videos!

  11. Your really great!
    Ive always wanted to play the violin but unfortunately im walking into my 20s…
    Anyways it would be awesome if you could play “Canon” when you have the time.

  12. excellent. the music brings me to tears. do you know and old irish/scottish/british/french/russian/any ….folk tunes….do you have musically inclined pals….if so, you should do quartets/trios what have you……i will watch everytime, i know that much.

    saw u first on youtube….a search for wesley willis!

  13. Hey,
    I really love what your doing, ive already commented on you tube on cast 1 but i’ll comment again.
    U play beautifully, and your swan sounded simply divine, it really did float and sing (unlike mine which kinda flopped around and sounded more like chooks than swans) oh well.
    great work. cant wait to see more.

  14. I am a new Cello student and having a great time watching your pods
    thank you so much for all the effort to bring this wonderful music to cyberspace. Any chance you could play Popper Piece#9 on Page 14 from the book 15 Easy Studies , Preparatory to studies opus 76 &73? I would love to hear it. If not are there any videos out there or recordings of this beginner book of Popper 15 easy studies that you know of. Thank you for any time you spend in answering this question. Christine

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