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Episode 1, March 27, 2006 – Bach Prelude

NEW Higher Quality Download ==> Cello Journey #1, March 27, 2006

In the first episode I play some Bach and introduce the video podcast. For now I just want to play for people. In the future there may be some slight changes with the format. Please visit cellojourney.com or send me feedback via e-mail to cellojourney@gmail.com

Look inside this title
Johann Sebastian Bach: Six Suites For Cello Solo, BWV 1007-1012 - sheet music at www.sheetmusicplus.com
Johann Sebastian Bach: Si…


  1. I thought you did a fairly good Bach. I believe I have a copy of Yo-Yo Ma playing this same song and you sound very similar to his cello playing, which is remarkable. I love the cello and the way it sounds, so I enjoyed this one (and the 2nd, as I watched them out of order).

  2. This is a beatiful sample of a good cello. Very good!
    I’m feel honored to have oportunity to list this great bach introduction.

  3. Thank you! I am so happy to have found your Podcast!!! You play beautifully, and I hope you keep’em coming! Your love for and deep connection with the music eminate from you as you play. I look forward to many more…

  4. Even though this is a fairly well-known piece, you should list the full title (including categorical info), in case people would like to use your podcasts for pedagogical or other purposes.

    Well done, though! I really enjoy your playing.

  5. Well done man. Heart warming stuff. Bach really was a genius. Could you recommend any CD’s of Bach? I am interested in buying but there are so many to choose from. He wrote too much!

  6. The feedback is really wonderful. Thank you for every comment.

    I was going to put off making another episode until Sunday but hearing some of the feedback is really inspiring me.

    I would maybe at first get one of those Best of Bach CDs so you could hear different samples of his music.

  7. Wow, great. I just loaded Episode 1 on my video ipod and look forward to more (how about all the movements from all 6 suites?). Seriously though please keep the music coming.


  8. I am astonished by your playing. It has literally made my day. I loved listening to all of your Bach pieces. Please continue making such beautiful music.

  9. Thank you for those great comments!

    I will write the titles in the comments for now.

    In this episode it was Prelude from Suite number 1 by Bach for solo cello.

    I will do some updates to the website to include this info.


  10. Many thanks – I thoroughly enjoyed your playing. I am sure that my daughter who is also learning to play the cello will find some inspiration and encouragement in seeing you play.



  11. My friend showed me your videos and I was absolutely stunned… The cello is really a lovely sounding instrument and I would love to learn how to play it sometime if I weren’t so violin-oriented! I really love this piece, and I’m glad, because you have fantastic taste in music. 🙂 Keep the good stuff coming!

  12. Wow this is absolutely amazing. I have watched all of your podcasts…you are a wonderful cellist! Bach’s cello suites are some of my favorite pieces of music, and the prelude to number one is my alltime favorite. I am learning to play it right now…with my cello at my side.
    Keep making these podcasts!

  13. As Andrew said (the first comment) I think it is wrong to say that you play like Yo-yo Ma. I love your different interpretations. It is nice to hear from someone who has a different view on a piece. Ive never heard the Suite 1 prelude so lyrical before. Especially the end where the notes were brought out with the droning A. Suite 1 actually inspired me to play the cello so I hold it deeply close to my heart. Bravo once again!

  14. thankyou so much!!! its so awesome to listen the music of bach, i wanna ask you: could you play te ciaccone? please!!!!

  15. ohh! i forgot one thing, the first video in your page, the prelude of bach, could you tell me wich number is on the bach catalogue? thank you again…

  16. I came across some of your videos doing a google video search. You are very unique. I play the viola and violin my self and have been around ther world playing mainly Bach. Keep it up, it is alway’s annoying tro pay $5.00 per mp3 just to listen to BAch. YOu bring a FRESH BURST of air to the web with free bach , something that should be manditory. Nobody should pay monery for aesthetical beauty.

    Kel Isherwood, 20 Y.O Melbourne Australia

  17. Thanks for your wonderful Bach Prelude. I’m working on this one myself and it’s lovely to hear it performed so well. Do me a favour and add the Courante from Suite 1 !

    Great idea for a site.

  18. Nice playing. I might play a few parts closer to the bridge, but it was still quite enjoyable. I love how I can look at you while your playing so I can get some idea’s for fingerings and bowings. You have no idea how much it helped me to see Elegie(is there more than one spelling for elegie because you have elegy? just wondering). Thanks.

  19. Ben – I am glad that some of the videos are helpful. I think Elegy is just the English way of saying it. I hope your playing goes really well.


  20. hola:
    espero que tu tengas un traductor de español 🙂
    Soy una joven que esta estudiando violoncello.
    Soy de la provincia de Salta, Argentina, hubicada en latinoamerica.
    Estaba buscando una interpretacion de el tema elegy de Gabriel Faure porque es el tema que estoy por interpretar y encontre tu interpretacion, me pareció muy hermosa y expresiva. Luego observe que tenías una paguina y entre, esta muy buena!.

    Saludo a usted.
    P/D: si usted puede entender castellano me gustaria que me lo comunique asi puedo escribir en castellano, de todas formas yo tengo un traductor en mi computadora.

  21. Your music is simply amazing. I myself am a young, aspiring cellist. I constantly find my way back to your website for inspiration. Thank you for continuing to be one of my idols whilst I learn to improve my cello skills.

    – Shannon

  22. Thanks a lot for this nice releases of cello playing. I´m a student of cello and are very interesting for me. Please, continue doing this wonderful work.
    Thanks again


  23. Magnifico pezzo e magnifica interpretazione! Complimenti per la passione con cui lei interpreta ogni pezzo!
    Grazie ancora


  24. It’s gorgeous! I’m currently working on like three of the songs you’ve posted, and since I’m still learning and searching for my particular style, it’s great I can hear AND see how another cellist does it. I’m going to tell my orchestra teacher, who is also a cellist, about this site. I’m extremly happy I’ve found it!

  25. I have always been fascinated by the cello and violin. I currently play the piano on my spare time, but I would love to take up the cello. My favorite by far is Bach’s Prelude. I sounds insane!
    I love it!

  26. I am an adult beginner of about two weeks. Your playing is beautiful and being able to watch your technique will be a great benefit to me. Thank you!

  27. Thank you so much. To see that people will share the way you do gives me hope.

    I am learning the Prelude to the Bach suite # 1 and the Bourrée I & II of the 3rd suite. It is great to watch you play it so well. I am also learning Le Cygne and you play that so wonderfully.You play the opening G with your 3rd finger. Is that for better vibrato control?

    I am so happy I found your podcast!

  28. Olivier – Great that you are playing all this music. Yes I start with the 3rd finger to get a bit fuller vibrato. I try to make that note a bit stronger because it is the first downbeat.


  29. Great performance, when it comes to the Bach suites eceryone is a critic, but i think that you pulled it iff, loved the chromatic part, I am only a high school cellist buti would love to be proffessional, Thanks for sharing. Bac Rocks!! >_

  30. Dear Luke,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to write and answer my question.
    I hope you are preparing a new episode.

    Have you ever thought of Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words? I love that piece. This is not a request though. You are the artist, you get to pick what you play!


  31. Michelle – It kind of depends on how busy I am. I try to practice at least 2 hours a day. Sometimes other things get in the way and I practice less though. If I have more time I practice more.


  32. Wow! You are amazing! I’m learning the cello right now, so I can switch from violin to cello before high school starts, and your videos are definitely an inspiration to me. I started sixth grade as a violin, because it was the only instrument I had heard of in orchestra, but over the two year span, I realized that I was in love with the cello, and I just HAD to switch. I’m very glad I have, and I want to thank you so much for what you’re doing. It’s wonderful. I hope to one day be as good a player as you, but I have a slight problem.. I don’t exactly like to practice much. =P

    Well, thank you again.

  33. Ileana – Great to hear that you switched to cello. I think we all have days when we don’t want to practice.


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